Tamasik Chitta Vritti

In our post ‘Chitta Vritti’, three primary gunas are mentioned, Tamasik Vritticorrespond to which three Chitta Vrittis are there – Sattvik, Rajasik and Tamasik Chitta vritti. Sattvik is at the highest level and Tamasik at the lowest. To liberate our self from Samsar, we have to reduce Rajasik and Tamasik Vritti and also have to increase Sattvik Vritti within us.

The essential point of life lies in developing Tamasik person into a Rajasik person and the Rajasik person becoming a Sattvik person. All this involves spiritual practice. And then having become Sattvik you transcend even sattva and by Self-realisation, you reach Enlightenment.

Tamo/Tamas GunaTamasik Vritti

Tamas is the quality of dullness, darkness materiality, and inertia and is heavy, veiling or obstructing in its action. Tamas brings about ignorance and delusion in the mind and promotes insensitivity, sleep and loss of awareness. It is the principle of materiality or unconsciousness that causes consciousness to become veiled. Tamas manifests from ignorance and deludes all beings from their spiritual truths.

Characteristics Of Tamas Guna

A person with the predominance of tamas is downhearted and ready to quarrel at a moment’s notice. The person is always depressed, pessimistic and has no enthusiasm for life. He also tends to procrastinate – prolonging every job and taking a long time over it. Tamasik VrittiIt is a sort of psychological disease. He will take much longer to do a job than other people would, or he may just keep the job pending. He does not care about his duty or the need to get the job finished.

People of a predominantly Tamasik nature do not develop in spirituality. They do not evolve much because they have not reached the stage of understanding these matters. Their nature leads them to sleep, stupor, indolence and wasting their time on useless things – that is in their nature. Tamasik’s joy begins with stupor and ends also in stupor. The Tamasik’s joy is felt when the faculty of discrimination is overcome by a sort of stupor or loss of discrimination and reasoning.

Mental Types According to the Tamas Guna

Tamasik types have deep-seated psychological blockages. Their energy and emotion tends to be stagnant and repressed and they do not know what their problems really are. They do not seek proper treatment and usually have poor hygiene or poor self-care habits. They accept their condition as fate and do not take advantage of the methods that may alleviate their problems. They allow other people and negative influences to dominate them and do not like to be responsible for their lives. They prefer not to deal with their problems or will not let others know about them, which only allows the problems to get worse.

Reduce Tamas gunaTamasik Vritti

To reduce tamas, avoid Tamasik foods, over sleeping, over eating, inactivity, passivity and fearful situations. Tamasik foods include heavy meats, and foods that are spoiled, chemically treated, processed or refined.

A person who does not give up his drinking habit cannot have Sattvik thoughts. Tamasik VrittiThe quality of his brain centers is affected by drinking. So stop drinking. Also stop smoking, eating nonvegetarian foods.

For true peace you are not required to do anything except to give up those useless and absurd activities which generate agitation in you. The more you give up the Tamasik and the Rajasik activities, the more you will be at peace.


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Tamasik Chitta Vritti
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Tamasik Chitta Vritti
What is Tamasik vritti and characteristics of the person dominated by Tamas vritti? What is the tips to reduse Tamasik vritti? Answer is here!!
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