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In our post ‘Chitta Vritti’, there are three primary gunas are mentioned, rajasik vritticorrespond to which three Chitta Vrittis are there in our mind (chitta). Sattvik Chitta Vritti, Rajasi Chitta Vritti and Tamasi Chitta Vritti. Activities, of the people having different Chitta Vritti, are different accordingly. Rajasi Vritti people are energetic, change lovers, company seeker and talkative. They waste their energy force in outer things rather into inner search. To liberate our self from Samsar, we have to reduce Rajas Vritti and also have to increase Sattvik Vritti within us.

Rajo/Rajas Guna

Rajas guna is the quality of change, activity, and turbulence. It introduces a disequilibrium that upsets an existing balance. The nature of rajas is of attraction, longing and attachment and rajas strongly bind us to the fruits of our work. Rajas guna is motivated in its action, ever seeking a goal or an end that gives it power. It possesses outward motion and causes self-seeking action that leads to fragmentation and disintegration. While in the short term Rajas is stimulating and provides pleasure, owing to its unbalanced nature it quickly results in pain and suffering. It is the force of passion that causes distress and conflict.

Characteristics Of Rajas Gunarajasik vritti

Rajas Guna is a hostile force to pull you down into Samsara. A mind endowed with Sattva Guna will make a man still and inactive, while a mind with Rajas Guna will make him restless. It will not allow him to sit idle and will force him to work.

The Rajasik mind always wants new sensations and variety. It likes certain persons, objects and places now and, after some time, it becomes disgusted with them and wants new persons for company, new vegetables to eat, new books to read and new places to see.

Rajasik people can accomplish their goals and are generally in control of their lives. However, they are not awake to their spiritual purpose, and are dominated by the ego in their pursuit of happiness. Life brings them shocks, which can cause them great suffering, particularly when they lose control. Even when they achieve their goals they find that they are still not happy.

Mental Types According to the Rajas Guna

The Rajasik mind has a tendency to look into the defects of others. It also remembers the bad deeds or wrongs done by others and forgets easily their good acts. These two tendencies intensify hatred and cause frequent disturbance in the mind.

Rajasic people have good energy but burn themselves out through excessive activity. Their minds are usually agitated and seldom at peace. They have strong opinions seek power over others often regardless of the means. They are impatient and inconsistent in dealing with their problems and do not wish to take the time or responsibility to get well. They blame others for their problems, including their therapists.

The mind of Rajasik type wants always company and talk. These are the two defects which distract the mind much.

Reduce Rajas guna

To reduce Rajasik Vritti avoid rajasik foods, over exercising, over work, loud music, excessive thinking and consuming excessive material goods. Rajasic foods include fried foods, spicy foods, junk foods, cold drinks, root vegetables, fry foods, dry foods, spicy foods etc and stimulants

rajasik vrittirajasik vrittiTo reduce Rajasik Vritti, avoid company, Live alone, Observe Mouna (be silent). By avoiding company, you will get peace of mind as most of the pain comes from bad company. Be careful in the selection of companions. Never take a friend into your close confidence without testing him for a long time.

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Rajasik Chitta Vritti
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Rajasik Chitta Vritti
There are three Chitta Vrittis are there in our mind (chitta). Sattvik Chitta Vritti, Rajasik Chitta Vritti and Tamasi Chitta Vritti.
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