Jain Chole Masala

Welcome to our Recipe section. Today we have Jain recipe for Chhole Masala. Jain Chhole is famous recipe in Jain families.

To Be Grounded Into A Paste
2 tbsp boiled kabuli chana (white chick peas)
1 tomato
1 tsp coriander (dhania)
1 mint sprig
1/2 cup water in which channa was boiled
1 bayleaf (tejpatta)

Other Ingredients

1 1/4 cups soaked kabuli chana (white chick peas)
1 tea bag
1 bayleaf (tejpatta)
2 chopped capsicums
1 chopped tomato
2 slit green chillies
5 to 6 curry leaves (kadi patta)
1/4 tsp cinnamon (dalchini) powder
1/4 tsp cloves (laung / lavang) powder
1/2 tsp garam masala
1 tsp chole masala
1 tsp coriander (dhania) seeds powder
1/2 tsp chilli powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder (haldi)
3 to 4 pinches asafoetida (hing)
1/2 tsp cumin seeds (jeera)
1 tbsp lemon juice
salt to taste
2 tbsp oil
1 tbsp ghee or oil

How to proceed

  1. Pressure cook the kabuli chana along with bayleaf and tea bag for 5 whistles or till the chana are cooked but not mashed.
  2. Drain preserving the water and keep aside.
  3. Heat oil in a kadhai, add the capsicum and tomatoes and saute for 2 minutes.
  4. Add the prepared paste, mix well and saute till the oil leaves the sides.
  5. Add all the dry masalas, 1 cup preserved chana water, mix well and bring to boil.
  6. Add the channa, mix well and simmer till gravy is almost dry.
  7. Remove from the flame and pour into serving dish.
  8. Before serving, for the tempering, heat ghee in a small pan and add the cumin seeds and asafoetida.
  9. When the seeds crackle, add the chillies and curry leaves and saute for 10 seconds.
  10. Add the lemon juice, 1/4 cup preserved water and mix well.
  11. Pour this tempering immediately over channa and mix gently.
  12. Serve hot with slices of bread, parathas, or bhaturas.
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