Natural Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Summer without air conditioning can make excessive heat feel uncomfortable. However, it is possible to stay cool and comfortable in your home during the warm summer months without an air conditioner. You can avoid the heat and save money by skipping the AC. for that we here are giving natural ways to stay cool this summer.Natural Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

  1. Drink water frequently. Your body will feel cooler if you are hydrated. Adding mint leaves, or orange, lemon or cucumber slices to your water makes it more refreshing.Natural Ways to Stay Cool This Summer
  2. Get a spray bottle – fill it with water, adjust it to fine mist and spray it on your exposed skin for an instant chill-zing cooling effect.
  3. Run cold water over your wrists for 10 seconds on each hand. This will reduce your temperature for roughly an hour.
  4. Take an old T-shirt and get it completely soaked. Let it soak in water for at least a few minutes. Then, squeeze it out just so it’s not dripping, roll it up, and place it around your neck. You will instantly feel a lot cooler.
  5. Wear  natural fiber summer clothing. Wear loosely-woven natural fabrics (cotton, silk, linen) rather than polyester, rayon, or other artificial fibers.Natural Ways to Stay Cool This Summer
  6. Alter your diet from spicy food to less spicy and naturally cold food.
  7. Use a hint of mint. Mint refreshes the skin and leaves a nice cooling sensation. Try a few minty or menthol products to cool your skin.Natural Ways to Stay Cool This Summer
  8. Use  cucumbers. Slice a thin piece of cold cucumber (from the fridge or a cooler) and stick it in the middle of your forehead! This feels fantastic on a hot day.
  9. Use cooler light bulbs.Natural Ways to Stay Cool This Summer
  10. Choose cotton bedding.
  11. Sit still. Physical activity in the heat is a bad idea. Save that walk, weeding the garden, or vacuuming the floor until the cool of evening.
  12. Avoid peak sunlight hours. Avoid going out between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the sun’s rays are hottest. You will also avoid a sunburn this way.Natural Ways to Stay Cool This Summer
  13. Shutting your blinds and curtains during the day will help block the sun’s heat and also  open the windows at night so that cooler night air is blowing in throughout the evening.
  14. Make a do-it-yourself air conditioner: Put a metal bowl of salted ice in front of a fan, and adjust the fan so that the air is blowing over the ice. Natural Ways to Stay Cool This Summer Position a fan to blow on them. As the salty ice melts, the air around them cools and the fan will blow that air at you.
  15. Plant trees: Leafy trees can shade your home or yard and keep things considerably cooler. Deciduous trees (those that lose their leaves in winter) will let sunlight through in winter when it’s desired and create shade in summer.
Natural Ways To Stay Cool This Summer
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Natural Ways To Stay Cool This Summer
In this hot summer it is too difficult to stay cool without AC. But there are some natural was to stay cool in this summer! We are given 15 of them. Try them and stay cool.
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