Losses of Non-vegetarianism


Nowadays some vegetarian people adopting non-vegetarianism while lots of non-vegetarian are adopting the vegetarianism. Why? Here are the losses of Non-vegetarianism:

Losses of Non-vegetarianism

  1. Non-vegetarianism multiplies the risk of heart attack 23 times more.
  2. Non-vegetarianism increases the level of cholesterol to the dangerous amount.
  3. 80% patients of cancer are non-vegetarians.
  4. Hormones, those cause the anger, increase rapidly because of the non-veg.
  5. 95% of scientists in the world are non-vegetarian.
  6. 98% of social workers in the world are non-vegetarian.
  7. The teeth of human are like vegetarians.
  8. Also work of the intestines, the stomach and the liver of the human are like vegetarians.
  9. Non-veg contains the higher possibilities of every disease.Losses of Non-vegetarianism Losses of Non-vegetarianism Losses of Non-vegetarianism
  10. Screaming of animals while cutting them is a big cause of global warming!
  11. Non-veg wastes 1000 times  more water then vegetarian foods.
  12. Non-vegetarianism increases violence and selfishness in you.
  13. Every year in America, 20% people are adopting the vegetarianism.
  14. People, dying because of starvation, can be saved only by vegetarianism. So, not religion but believe the science, adopt vegetarianism and stay healthy.
  15. Vegetarians have significantly lower risk of obesity and related metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease etc
  16. Vegetarians have  lower risk of diet-related cancers, like colon cancer, diverticular disease, constipation and gall stones.


Losses of Non-vegetarianism


Losses of Non-vegetarianism
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Losses of Non-vegetarianism
There are so many causes to adopt vegetarianism and so many losses of non-vegetarianism. Some of them are mentioned here.
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