Eye Care – Easy steps


How to keep your eyes healthy – 7 easy steps

eye care - easy steps

  1. Food :
    • Eat Green, leafy vegetables, Oranges and other citrus fruits or juices, dark pigment fruits such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries and grapes, Nuts, beans.
    • Eat foods that contains vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, omega-3.
    • Drink plenty of water.
  2. Life Style :eye care - easy steps
    • No smoking, no alcohol.
    • Wash eyes frequently.
    • Take enough and proper sleep everyday. Sleep early and wake up early in the morning.
    • Take walk in the morning at sunrise.
  3. Exercises : Rotate your eyeball left side in your eye, then right, then up then down and
    keep normal. practice this exercise 10 times everyday.eye care - easy steps
  4. Protect your eyes :
    • Work in well-light areas.
    • Remember eyes to blink after every 30 seconds.
    • Protect your eyes against the damaging affects of UV light.
    • Wear goggles.
    • Do not look at a bright light directly.
    • Wash your hands before putting contacts in.
  5. Using computers? :
    eye care - easy steps

    •  Make sure that your eyes are level with the screen.
    • Keep an appropriate distance between your eyes and computer screen.
    • Take breaks to get away from computereye care - easy steps
    • 20-20 Rule : After every 20 minutes take eyes off the screen-look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
    • Monitor should not seem any brighter or darken than the light in the computer room.
    • Use anti-glare screen filters to reduce amount of the light reflected off the screen.
    • Blinks helps lubricate your eyes.
  6. Visit Your Eye Doctor Regularly :  eye care - easy stepseye care - easy steps
    • Have regular eye examinations.
    • Wear proper numbered glasses.
    • Don’t use eye drops unless you are sure that they are right for you.
    • Always consult your doctor before taking any medicines/drops for your eyes.eye care - easy steps
  7. Warnings:
    •  Never look into the sun directly or with a telescope.
    • Never put sharp objects in your eyes.
    • Never put salt in your eyes.
    • Don’t rub your eyes too much.


Eye Care - Easy steps
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Eye Care - Easy steps
This page contains seven easy steps to protect of your eyes. Also the page contains warnings, not to follow to keep your safe.
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