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  • No doctor can fine knees of the person who is used to drink water in standing pose.
  • health tipsSleeping under faster A. C. or faster fan increases obesity.
  • In 70% pains, a glass of warm water works faster than any pain killer.
  • In a cooker lentil thaws, but does not mature. So is gas and acidity.
  • Home remedy for acidity/heartburn – After the meals, take one piece of clove (Laung/Laving) and suck on it slowly. This is not only gives instantaneous relief also helps in reducing the onslaught of diseases arising out of tips
  • Juice and coconut water is the elixir before eleven in the morning.
  • Once paralysis attacks, drops of native cow’s ghee in the patient’s nose, recover the patient in fifteen minutes.

health tips

  • To turn on hands on native cow’s body will normal the blood pressure in 10 days.
  • More than necessary emotional pressure, lack of the hormone estrogen and Iron and iodine deficiency in food causes hair fall in woman. Yogurt contains all elements, hair is tips
  • Mixture of a cup of yogurt and 8-10 ground black pepper washes hairs good. Also keep hairs soft and black and stop them falling off. Wash hairs similarly at least once a week.

health tips

  • Have you mosquito bite? – run hot water over a spoon for 1 minute, then press the spoon against the mosquito bite for 2 minutes to destroy the protein that causes itching.
Health Tips
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Health Tips
This page contains some health tips. it contains tips on gas-acidity trouble, hair fall, paralysis attack,knee problem etc.
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