Benefits of Basil Leaves

Basil leaves, also known as ‘Tulasi’, are very useful to our body. 2-3 leaves per day of Basil are key remedy to the cough problems. Some of use of Basil are given here:Benefits of Basil (Tulasi) Leaves

  1. Sore Throat: Water boiled with basil leaves can be taken as drink in case of sore throat.
  2. Coughs: Chewing basil leaves relieves cold and flu. It helps to mobilize mucus in bronchitis and asthma.
  3. Kidney Stone: Basil has strengthening effect on the kidney. In case of renal stone, the juice of basil leaves and honey, if taken regularly for 6 months, it will expel them via the urinary tract.Benefits of Basil (Tulasi) Leaves
  4. Acidity: Chewing a few Basil leaves after a meal helps the body absorb food and also prevents reflux and the formation of ulcers.
  5. Heart Disorder: Basil has beneficial effect in cardiac disease and the weakness resulting from them. It reduces the level of blood cholesterol.
  6. Beats Diabetes: Leaves of holy basil helps increase sensitivity to insulin. Lowering one’s blood sugar and treating diabetes effectively.
  7. Beats cancer: Compounds of Basil leaves restrict the flow of blood to the tumor by attacking the blood vessels supplying it. With strong anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties Basil helps stop the progression of breast cancer and oral cancer (caused due to chewing tobacco).Benefits of Basil (Tulasi) Leaves
  8. Keeps your skin and hair healthy and glowing: The holy basil has powerful purifying properties. When eaten raw, it purifies the blood giving the skin a beautiful glow, and prevents the appearance of acne and blemishes.
  9. Cures a headache: Basil helps to relieve headaches caused due to sinusitis, allergies, cold or even migraines. This is because it has pain relieving and decongestant properties.
  10. Balances Blood Pressure: Regular consumption of Basil can aid in balancing various body pressures.
Benefits of Basil Leaves
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Benefits of Basil Leaves
The holy Basil leaves are very beneficial to our body in many ways. Ten benefits of Benefits of Basil Leaves are given here.
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