Short story

Short story to have a fun…


The scoundrel Fakir !!


short story


A Fakir claimed that he could teach any illiterate person to read through an “instant technique.”

“OK,” Tiku said. “Teach me.”

The Fakir then touched Tiku’s head and said, “Now go read something.”

Tiku left, and returned to the village square an hour later with an angry look on his face.


short story

“What happened?” asked the villagers. “Can you read now?”

“Indeed I can,” replied Tiku, “but that’s not why I came back? Now where is that scoundrel Fakir?”

“Tiku,” the people said, “he taught you to read in no more than a minute. So what makes you think he’s a scoundrel?”

“Well,” Tiku explained, “I was just reading a book that asserted, ‘All Fakirs are frauds.’“

Short story
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Short story
This page contains a short story of Tiku and a Fakir.  
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