Moral based short stories

Moral based short stories from Indian literature


Harm of gambling

moral based short story

There was a city named Hastnapur, where lived the Kauravas and Pandavas. They ruled together but the Kauravas were fraudy and the Pandavas were honest. The Kauravas were not satisfied with their half kingdom. They thought to snatch the whole kingdom from the Pandavas.

moral based short story

One day Duryodhan called the Pandavas by fraud in his palace and told by a honey toung to Yudhister for gambling. Yudhister agreed.
Duryodhan defeated Yudhister in gambling. Yudhister lost his treasure, country, elephants, vehicles, army, animals etc. moral based short storyHe also lost the ornaments of his Queen Draupadi. At the same time Dushasan came to the palace of Draupadi and started disrobed her saree and insulted her. But Draupadi prayed god for her safety and God saved her.

Moral: Ladies and gentleman there is no sin like gambling in the universe. The Pandavas avoided the gambling in their whole life.





Result of Dishonesty


Once Tiku was returning from the school, he saw a tomato seller sitting on the road.
When he reached home his mother told him, “Oh my dear son, take this coins of 10 rupees and bring half kilogram of tomatoes from the market.” dishonestyHe set out immediately and reached the tomato seller.

He asked him to give him half-kilogram of tomatoes. When the tomato seller gave Tiku the tomatoes, he asked the price of tomatoes. He replied only six rupees. He gave him the coins of 10 rupees. But by mistake he returned him five coins instead of four coins.

When he counted the money, he found that the seller had given him one coin more. dishonestyHe stopped for a moment and thought, whether he should return the money or keep with himself. Finally he decided to have the money.  dishonesty

But when he reached home, he saw that there were only four coins with him. He was very surprised and came to know that one coin was of dishonesty and it fell down from his hand.

Moral: The money of dishonesty will not remain with you longer. Also it always make you feel guilty that you theft of another’s right.

Moral based short stories
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Moral based short stories
This page contains some short moral based stories. Stories with fun and morals. Stories are from Indian literature. 
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